Contracts executed in 2013

Tomskněftěchim", Tomsk, Russia

Design, delivery, and development of 4 cooling towers CTF140/III and 2 cooling towers CTF200/III for technological operation for the production of monomers in the plant from the petrochemical holding "SIBUR".

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OAO "Ufaněftěchim", Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation

Design, delivery and development of the cooling tower CTF050/IV for technological operation of the petrochemical integrated plant from "BašNěfť" group.

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OAO "Voroněžsintezkaučuk", Voronezh, Russia

Design, delivery and development of the cooling tower CTF050/IV for the synthetic rubber plant from the group of the petrochemical holding SIBUR.


Biocel Paskov a.s./Lenzing

Design, delivery, and assembly of a steel structure, cladding, cooling system, eliminators and louvers of the cooling tower CTF 100/II including supervision


ILD cz, s.r.o./MOSTEK

The subject matter of the contract is a complete supply and assembly of a cooling stations providing cooling of the turbine process equipment. It is a closed circuit that dissipates heat from the installed technology to closed fan cooling units. Total design power of the station is 14 000 kW with cooling water flow rate 1 080 t/hr. Cooling units of the machinery are formed by turbine condenser and cooling exchangers of oil and generator. Cooling technology also includes utilization of waste heat collected from the condenser and used for heating the grain warehouse and the production plant "Řasy".

TEC POLYARNAJA, Selechard, Russian Federation

Project, delivery, and supervision of an air cooler with type indication ACC F 200 including auxiliary systems for TG with output power 268 MW.. Total weight of the supply – 3,450 tons. Supply volume 200 trucks. Air condenser shall be installed in the town called Salechard, it has now been delivered on site and we are waiting for the call for supervision.



The subject matter of the supply consisted of 3 pieces of steam turbines SST-060 delivered from Siemens to Kazakhstan, including electric generators and accessories. We now wait for the call to provide supervision.



Delivery, chief assembly, and commissioning of steel cooling towers CTF 50/III and 50/IV including project design and electric installation